How do I take Clenbuterol?

In this article, you will know how to consume clenbuterol pills or drugs in order to obtain best of the results while also evading the risks of side effects. The proper amount to be used could vary considerably from one person to another. Check out how you can take clenbuterol effectively in this writeup!

  • For beginners

Irrespective of the experience you have, the starting point of the drug usage is same for everyone. Men who use clenbuterol would find 40 mcg a day to be a perfect start. For women it would be better to start with a dosage of 20 mcg a day. Both of these levels are comparatively low and also mild but would not require much in beginning stages and something more would be dangerous.

  • Maximum safe dosage of clenbuterol

Just like many other things in life, there is a maximum threshold for the dosage of clenbuterol as well which you should follow for your own safety. For many men, the maximum dosage of clenbuterol for a day will be 140 mcg while plenty of women find 100 mcg per day a safe maximum dosage. Women could exceed the mark of 100 mcg a day and reach up to 140 mcg but it is not really needed. Those people who cross 140 mcg a day would start exposing themselves to possible cardiac disorders like enlargement of your ventricles that would cause a lot of strain and stress on your heart. Those who cross the mark of 200 mcg a day will experience serious risks of this possibility and are strongly advised to stop taking such dosages. You should not take too much of the drug to only end yourselves up in health disorders.

How To Use The Clenbuterol Cycle

As your body gets adjusted to the drug, the dosage could be increased and the kind of cycle of clenbuterol you are using would greatly decide how your increase would occur. Of feasible methods, two of the highly effective and common would be the two weeks on and two weeks off method with constant incremental usage. For this method, the dosage of clean will begin low and hike rapidly in the first two weeks and wend with a dosage that is maximum. Once the subsequent two week period starts, the dosage would start from where it had ended previously, and stay at that point throughout the whole duration. For consistent incremental usage, begin with low dosage and increase by 20 mcg usually every couple of weeks. By doing this, maximum dosage would not be reached until you end the diet and you’d stay safe!

Common Cycle Of On And Off

Apart from the kind of cycle we mentioned above, there us a two day on two day off cycle well. But the former is more popular. The idea behind both the cycles is same as your body needs to be adapted to the clenbuterol drug quickly. However, you would not adapt as quickly as people believe you can, and to add to that, when you stop using the drug in the cycle regularly, your metabolism slows down.

Best Method Of Taking Clenbuterol

The best method of taking clenbuterol is through continuous usage for whole of the diet, like for 16 weeks. 16 weeks would not be necessary but it must not be crossed due to safety reasons. With such kind of a cycle, you can expect to put off your weight quickly and safely.

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